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Many of those new to the Google AdSense program are not quite sure just how Google determines which ads to host on its member sites.  The signup process for the program is fast and easy, and once a site has been approved Google uses a number of methods, both standard and proprietary to the company, to determine the nature of the website in order to host the most appropriate ads.

After the website has been approved for participation in the Google AdSense program, all the webmaster needs to do is place a small, easy to use, HTML script anywhere on the website.  This simple HTML code can be placed anywhere, on a single page or on multiple pages.  It can even be placed on the same page a number of times for additional impact.

After the HTML code is put in place, Google will automatically begin serving what it feels are the most relevant ads.  These ads are determined in large measure by the content of the website, so it is important for the site to have high quality, relevant and useful content in place prior to applying for the Google AdSense program.  The programs used by Google to determine which ads to serve are highly sophisticated, and highly automated.  Having lots of relevant content in place will help ensure that only the most relevant, and most potentially lucrative, ads are served.

It is after all this focus on targeted ads and niche marketing that has made Google and its ad program so spectacularly successful.  For instance, advertisers selling products which cater to teachers would obviously do better marketing to an audience of teaching professionals than marketing to the public at large.  While the average man or woman on the street may not be interested in reviewing the latest algebra textbook, chances are an audience full of math teachers would be very interested in such an offer.

In the world of Google AdSense, this means that those website owners whose content appeals to teachers would do well to provide lots of teaching and education related content on their websites prior to submitting their sites to Google.  This content can be anything, from articles on the pitfalls and rewards of being a teacher, to the latest news on education to opinions on pending legislation of interest to educational professionals.  Having this content on the site will help Google to accurately determine what the site is all about.  This knowledge will in turn help the automated systems which host the ads deliver the most targeted ads to the hosting site.

And it is, of course, the highly targeted and relevant nature of the ads being served that helps to fuel the profitability and the growth of the program, both for advertisers and for owners of the websites which host the resulting ads.  Targeting ads for maximum results is important to advertisers, of course, but it is also an important consideration for Google AdSense participants.  It is important for those participants to set their sites up for success from the start in order to make the most of this powerful program.

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