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The right landing page can do wonders for web entrepreneurs and webmasters.  Landing pages are an essential part of monetizing traffic, and no web based business can afford to be without a highly targeted selection of landing pages.

Landing pages are designed to appeal to a specific kind of website visitor, and it is this niche appeal that makes them so powerful.  A landing page may target visitors based on the search keywords that brought them to the page, the website those visitors arrived from or any number of highly targeted criteria.  Landing pages can also be used to target those who respond to specific marketing campaigns or free offers.

No matter how they arrived, the landing page is the first thing those visitors will see, and it is essential that the landing page be well designed and compelling.  Designing a compelling and is an essential part of web based marketing, and no webmaster can afford to get it wrong.

It is helpful to think of the landing page as the equivalent of a closing in the world of offline sales.  The best closers - and the best landing pages - are those that can engage the interest of the customer.  This goal can be accomplished in any number of ways, including motivational language, the building of relationships and more.

The best landing pages are those which have been designed and optimized for the task at hand.  Webmasters should avoid using the same landing pages for all search results - it is important to optimize each page to the specific needs and interests of the visitor who clicked the ad, arrived from the website or responded to a targeted marketing campaign.

It is a good idea for webmasters to think of landing pages not as an expense or as a cost of doing business but as an investment in the future of the enterprise.  Like a good sales team, the landing pages business owners create can lead customers through the door, and that can result in higher sales and higher profits.

It is also important for owners of web based businesses to keep in mind that landing pages are not all the same.  There are many different kinds of landing pages, and the right one to use will vary depending on a number of circumstances.

One of the most popular type of landing page is the one designed to convert website visitors that arrive not through natural search techniques but through banner ads, marketing campaigns, email offers and PPC.  These landing pages can usually be designed quite inexpensively, with a larger portion of the marketing budget used to purchase clicks, send out marketing materials and gather valid email addresses.

Even so it is important for these types of landing pages to provide true quality content.  Focusing on content instead of merely conversion attempts is the best way to get the attention of visitors - no matter where they come from.

The other major type of landing page is one designed to rank highly in search engines for popular keywords related to the site.  In order to succeed in converting visitors and attracting eyeballs those landing pages will need to outrank their competitors in terms of search engine rankings.  Those landing pages must also be powerful tools for converting visitors once they have arrived.

Unlike the other type of landing page, for which the majority of the marketing budget is spent on items other than the landing page, the search optimized landing page will require a larger budget.  It is important for website owners to pay careful attention to the design, keyword density and other factors in order to create a highly optimized and search engine friendly landing page.

Even though the search engine optimized landing page is more expensive to create, once it has been created it can be far more powerful. . In fact this type of landing page can more than pay for itself through the traffic it creates and the conversion rates it achieves.  In addition the landing page will typically require little or no maintenance or tweaking to continue garnering those high conversion rates and high search engine rankings.

Landing pages are an essential part of any website marketing budget, and it is vital for website owners to use caution in the creation of these powerful marketing tools.  The right landing pages can drive high conversion rates and high profits, while the wrong landing pages can just as quickly drive those new visitors away.

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