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By Krista Tannahill

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the practice of writing high quality website content containing specific and strategically placed keywords in order to drive traffic to a website.  Search engine optimization utilizes keywords that are selectively placed throughout an article or content published on a website to increase the chances of a website appearing in a search results on major search engines.

Search engine optimization will improve a site's chances of being found through major search engines and it will improve a website's ranking and position with the search engine.  Consistent high ranking results in search engines such as Google or Yahoo will drive new viewers to a website. The increased visibility can improve traffic and the overall popularity of a website. It can also create new and improved networking opportunities as well as increased growth and revenue opportunities.

When writing SEO rich articles it is important to pick out two or three main keywords that you want to include in an article.  Defined keywords should be strategically and placed several times throughout an article.  Avoid repetitive or similar phrases and separate each keyword or phrase so that the content of the article does not appear to be "stuffed" with keywords.

An SEO article should be extremely well written and interesting.  High quality relevant content is just as important as the key phrases and key words inserted in an article.  The purpose of key wording and key phrasing is to increase the chances of an article appearing in search engine results.  However, once a viewer chooses to visit a site the quality of the articles and the relevancy of the content will ensure that a website has repeat visitors.

When creating an SEO article make it a priority to maintain the integrity of the article and its content while at the same time including specific words and phrases that will boost the website's chances of showing up in a highly ranked position in search engine results.

Utilize various tools available on the internet to assist you in choosing the most effective keywords and phrases. Google Keyword Tool is free and will assist you in selecting the most effective keywords and phrases for your website's article or content.

Understand your target audience and then brainstorm various titles and topics that will appeal to the readers.  When you have a clear understanding of your target audience you will have a better chance on writing an effective high quality SEO article with relevant content.

Successful SEO is a functional form of writing that can significantly improve a website's ranking and overall visibility.  With millions of websites online today the competition for readership can be fierce and by utilizing SEO strategies you can make your site stand out from the crowd.

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