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by By Angela Baca

Are you new to the world of online business? At first, it feels overwhelming to work with new concepts like search engine marketing. What you need is a basic understanding of Google indexing. Then you can begin the process of preparing your website to be indexed by Google. This article offers a short explanation of the Google search engine and indexing based on Google 101. New webmasters should go to the Google site often to check for updates to the Google search engine functionality.

The Google Corporation has a massive collection of computers that crawl billions of web pages to find results for web users. A software program called the Googlebot operates on these computers. The bot searches its existing list of web page URL’s for links. The Google index (or giant directory) is also updated by the bot with other changes to the World Wide Web, including updates to sites, newly created sites, and links that no longer work.

Indexing refers to the process of updating the Google index. The Googlebot processes the information on each page crawled, including “all the words it sees and their location on each page.” Google 101 also notes key content tags and attributes are processed by the Googlebot.

These fundamentals of Google indexing drive how website owners create content on their web pages. If the Googlebot indexes a website and returns it high on the list for a particular key word (or search phrase), the website receives more visitors. For example, if you sell basketball jerseys, the term “basketball jersey” is a search phrase a web user might type into the Google search box. When the search phrase is entered, the user is “served” with thousands or millions of web page results. If your web site pops up high on the list of results (retrieved from the Google index), you receive more web visitors. Once these visitors are on your site, engaging content will potentially convert them into customers.

When you have a grasp of how the Google search engine works, choose how to arrange web content, including text, videos, digital art, photographs, and audio clips on each web page. Be sure to study all webmaster resources offered by Google. In the future, explore other online e-business practices like search engine marketing and affiliate marketing. You will find many techniques for driving traffic to your business web pages.

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