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All business owners know that one of the most important elements for a successful business is the clientele. Obviously, no business can thrive without having a healthy number of customers. For this reason, business owners are always searching for ways they can reach more people and further expand their businesses. Since the early years of online marketing, many online methods -- affiliate programs, banner exchanges, article marketing, and blog posting -- have been developed to promote business sites. Recently, a new trend in online marketing started involving the use of Twitter as a means of growing a business.

Twitter is a fast-growing social networking site where you can sign up for a free account, and create and build your contact list. Once you add other Twitter uses to your contact list, you can follow them or receive their updates (referred to as tweets). Other people will also be able to follow you. A good way to find contacts to add to your Twitter account is to use, where you will see a variety of tweets from different people. Many of them will just be posting updates on what they are doing but there are also a lot of users who are looking for certain items to buy or asking questions about certain issues.

The key is to search for those who have something to do with the product or service you are offering. For instance, if you are selling bridal supplies, you may want to search for tweets about planning a wedding and post a reply to those. When replying to tweets, make sure to include a link to your business site. is not only a good place to find contacts, it is also a good place to be seen. If you adjust your message setting to public, all your tweets will be visible to other users in Twitter's search feature. Soon enough, more and more people will be following you and reading your tweets.

Some people may not be immediately sold on the idea of using Twitter for online marketing because they don't completely understand how big its potential is as a marketing tool. Many think it would just be something like sending ads to your friends. In fact, Twitter is much more than that. Using Twitter, you can let your clients know each time there is an update in your product lineup, if you have upgraded an existing product, or introduced a new product or service. You can also ask for feedback on your services by requesting them to rate you or give your business a review. You can offer occasional promotional codes and discounts to keep your clients interested. You can even post job openings in your company if you have any.

Whatever tweet you send, the important thing is to always include a link to your site or blog with each update. This will allow your followers to have easy access to your products whenever they do decide to pay your site a visit. Twitter does give you a host of possibilities for growing your business but you also have to make sure not to overstep your boundaries. This includes spamming, late-night tweeting, and in-your-face advertisements. By doing everything properly and in moderation, you can certainly improve your business considerably with the help of Twitter.

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