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by Culero

On an average website, most traffic received is the direct result of a search engine query. Since so much web traffic is dependent upon search engines, you should be doing everything possible to optimize your web site so that it appears relevant to the search engines. One of the first steps you will want to take in optimizing your website for search engines is including unique and relevant title tags on every page of your website.

Hopefully, you've built your website with a few keywords in mind. Most web site owners remember to integrate those keywords into their meta keyword tags, but then forget the importance of using keywords in the title tag. The actual text you use in the title tag is one of the more important factors in how a search engine decides to rank your web page on the search engine results page. The text you use in your title tag should not simply be the name of your business or a phrase like "home page", it should be highly relevant to the keywords being used on that particular page. If you have a multi-page website, each page in your site should use its own individual title tag. You should not be using the same title tag for every page in your website. Think of each page as the opportunity to highlight a new keyword. The title tag of that page should contain whatever keyword that particularly page is featuring.

In addition to pleasing the search engines, your website will be more appealing to searchers viewing a search engine results page if it contains appropriate keywords. All major web crawlers will use the text in your title tag as the headline for your web page. If the keywords in the title of your web pages matches the phrase the searcher typed into the search engine, your listing will appear bolded in the search engine results page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Since searchers are more likely to click on bolded text, using appropriate text in your title tag is likely to result in higher click thru rate.

Taking the time to include keywords in your title tag and making sure each web page in your site has a unique title increases the likelihood that your page will be found and considered relevant to the keywords you have selected for your site.

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