Articles for Webmasters     Why Buy a Web-Based Creativity Application?

By Angela Baca

Brainstorming how to make your website more innovative is crucial after you've established a corporate web presence. Reading about new trends in developing business website applications gives you ideas on which to build. That is what your competitors are doing to revolutionize their websites. At least, some of your competitors believe they've found a way to harness creativity and make their website better than other corporate websites in the same market.

It is time to move past the strategy employed by your competitors. Consider investing in a software application that will offer employees a way to suggest improvements to the company website and other operations. A web-based system is designed either by your own IT staff or by an outsourced IT firm.

The goal is to channel new ideas from all levels of the company right into your in-box. You will eliminate some ideas for being impractical and others because they won't benefit the company. Other ideas are valuable, and you should give them top priority.

Rowan Gibson, writer for and author of Rethinking the Future, writes: "Without the back end of innovation - the capacity to effectively screen ideas, align them with strategy, allocate resources to them and manage them successfully toward commercialization - all of those light bulbs and eureka moments will never add up to much."

Gibson has summed up the process of managing innovation in one important statement. As the business owner, you must access ideas, pick one or more ideas and run with them, and then follow up with tracking the implementation of these ideas. New ideas are only useful if they improve the company through outcomes such as making work processes more efficient, improving customer relations, or generating higher profits. When you read the ideas in your in-box, focus on ideas that make the website more accessible and useful to customers.

The most important thing to remember is that you will manage input from multiple sources. Every time a new worker receives training on how to perform website-related tasks, issues and questions arise. New workers can interact with the website just like customers. Both customers and new workers have fresh eyes and a need to understand the company.

Customers might identify how you can make the website better, and new employees can point out problems or features you haven't addressed. Think about how easy it is for the person providing training to look past these issues and questions and move on with business as usual. If you require trainers to write down these issues and questions in your creativity application, you can add these ideas to the ones you receive as the business owner. Mine all sources of innovation and then dedicate time and employees' time to making website improvements.

Allocating resources to developing your website will help you attract new customers and improve the return rate of existing customers. An example of the creativity software is available free at Follow the install guide instructions for downloading the application and see how it can work for your website. Next, you have the option to hire a web programmer at an hourly rate to customize the software for your business. You can also hire another IT company to build your own proprietary software application.

How much you spend on a creativity software application depends on how important you think managing innovation is for business growth. Customers will notice improvements in your website when you put new ideas to work. They might even spread the word about your improved business so you get new customers.

Soliciting good ideas and implementing them in the company is your domain as the entrepreneur. A software solution like IdeaBox is your key to automating idea collection. Use creativity software to help your business grow.

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