Free Web Storage

There are quite a lot free web storage providers. This is a selection of those ones I believe are more interesting, but you must consider this services are very dinamic (programs may stop, storage space reduced...), so do not rely on these services to store your important documents (unless you pay for the service). A DVD is a simple and effective option.

Important questions
How much storage do you really need? How much time are you going to spend uploading files? Will you ever use more than 1 GB online storage? Do you think each individual account in companies bellow are using more than 50 MB storage on average? How are you different from them?

Why are there more and more online storage services?
At this time, for some users online paid storage has become an interesting alternative due to the decrease of the price of these services. Tradiotional copies (in hard drives or CD/DVD) requires often to maintain at least a couple of copies of the important information (two hard drives), and generating the copies is very time consuming. Online storage allows to have an unique copy of files (online) and the number of copies is not a user's problem anymore. So from an economic point of view, it is becoming an interesting alternative For professionals, sharing files stored online is also an interesting feature provided by those companies.

In many cases, free storage is provided during trial period, or there is another kind of limitation (p.e. traffic may be limited, so you will not be able to upload and download huge files eventhough they are providing huge storage space). Often, additional space, traffic and other features must be paid.

Updated: 2014/02/15

Services that will create a folder within your computer and synchronize it with cloud storage
Those services require you to download and install a small program within your computer. During installation a folder within your computer will be created and the content in the folder will be synchronized to "a folder" in the cloud. In case you are using additional computers of mobile phones, you may install the program in all of the devices and all the folders will be synchronized, so that your information will be accessed from all your devices. The only problem is that the access to the folder depends on the speed of your connection to the Internet.

  • Dropbox - 2 GB free ( 500 MB per referral). This service was launched in 2008. It will create a folder named Dropbox in your computer and it allows synchronizing the folder with cloud storage. Within Dropbox folder, a subfolder named "Photos" will be created. You may include in "Photos" folder additional folders with your images and each folder with images may be shared with friends by providing them a link to that folder. The link will open a web interface with miniatures of the photos. The service is probably one of the most interesting ones in this list. Additional paid storage is available.
  • iCloud - Similar service only for Apple / Mac OS X users. Apple users may also use the service above.

Services to upload and share files
You may upload anonymously your files (often big ones; films, audio...). In all the services in the list anonymous upload/download is available (slow conection), a free account may be openned (better connection), and the paid services will allow you to download files very fast. After uploading a file, those services will provide you with an url. Your friend will be able to access the file (without a paid service they are required to wait a few seconds before downloading starts). For non-paid accounts, non-active files are removed after a variable period of time.

  • FileServe - Upload files up to 2GB. Anonimous or 500GB free account. Inactive files are deleted after 60 days.
  • FileFactory - No-registration required, upload of files up to 50 files up to 2 GB each. Inactive files are deleted after 90 days.
  • FileDropper - Upload files up to 5GB anonimous for 30 days, or register to keep them forever.
  • Megaupload, a service within this category, was shut down by US officials on 2012/01/19.
  • HotFile, also closed by US officials

Other services for personal or businnes web storage
You may use those services to keep copies of your important files and backups, or to share files with your partners at work/class. For serious users the paid services offer more security. Try the free/trial accounts to find the ones that meet you needs.

  • - Store and share 1GB of files, each up to 25MB in size. Includes collaboration features.
  • DriveHQ. - Offers 1GB of file storage. Images, music, video and any file type. Additional storage space available by payment. DriveHQ is designed primarily for business rather than for personal use.
  • Crocko - Upload files up to 1GB, with no registration required. FTP upload is also available.
  • Kontainer file storage - 50MB of free file storage, along with paid options. Includes multi-user management features. Paid versions include multimedia manipulation features.
  • MediaFire - No-registration uploads of files up to 100MB. Inactive files are deleted after 30 days.
  • MegaSWF - Upload Flash SWF files up to 10MB. Files are deleted after 5 months.
  • RapidShare - Upload files up to 200MB, with no registration required. Files are deleted after 90 days of inactivity, or after 10 downloads. Free registration (available after uploading a file) allows unlimited downloads.
  • Sigmirror - 5GB of free file storage and sharing, along with paid options. Files up to 10MB can be uploaded, and they can be hotlinked.
  • TzFiles - Offers 2GB of file storage and 100MB file upload limit
  • - Free online storage for files with a maximum file size of 250MB, password protection available.

The services I am using at the moment. Not necessarily the best ones. I stopped using others.